My name is Justin Hoffman as you would have probably have gathered by now. I grew up in the borough of Queens, New York and now reside with my family in Long Island.

I've been working professionally online as a developer since 1998. During my tenure, I've been fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented developers in the industry and have hands-on experience working with a wide range of clients in different market verticals (advertising, publishing, finance, healthcare, education).

Salesforce Administration, New York, NY
Continuing Education, 201 Certification
Spring 2012
Since I've worked at different organizations (Nielsen, TheStreet, 2U) using Salesforce as a platform for managing data (Saas) as well as a framework for development (PaaS), I've taken the 201 level certification to handle simple object and reporting changes independently. Looking forward to the 301 level.

Lullabot Professional Services, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Drupal Application Development
Fall 2011
I had the privledge of learning Drupal implementation techniques and best practices during my time at TheStreet.com, in which we hired Lullabot to conduct onsite training for a staff of 15 developers.

Agile Evolution, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Advanced Agile Methodoligies
Spring 2011
Hands-on techniques are applied during this two week training program, conducted by the team at Agile Evolution in the NYC RazorFish offices. Received Scrum Master certification.

Eliassen Consulting Services, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Advanced Agile Methodoligies
Winter 2010
Agile coaching brought on to TheStreet.com to work alongside a team of project managers and developers to refine software developm,ent lifecycles and iteration planning best practices.

New School University, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Social Networking Technologies
Fall 2007
I spent some time recently catching up on Web 2.0 technologies at New School, specifically social networking technologies and content distribution via RSS.

The Learning Tree, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Project Management Methodologies
Spring 2007
Keeping up with Project Management trends is key for continual process improvement, and the Learning Tree provided great insight on various approach methods such as 'Agile' and 'Scrum' processes. Depending on the project goals and clients, it is always best to be prepared for scope change and insertion of change management best practices.

New School University, New York, NY
Continuing Education, Advanced Flash & ActionScript
Spring 2005
Fall 2006
Learning Flash and ActionScripting coding has been extremely fun for me, I rather enjoy playing with the software since early versions were released in the late 90's(Flash 3?). I feel the potential for Flash technologies has not yet been reached online, but with incorporation of Search Engine Friendly applications usage will ideally continue to increase.

Sun Educational Services, New York, NY Continuing Education, Java Programming
Fall 2003
Changing a work environment and platform from ASP to JSP required some fundamentals in object oriented programming, and this was accomplished through certification at Sun Education Services. An intense program sets the standard for development with some of the best professors in the industry.

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
BA, Communication / BFA, Graphic Design June 2000
I was able to take advantage of two sectors I was interested in at Hofstra, both online communication and web design. It was here that the foundation was laid for web technologies, exposed to coding basic HTML and JavaScript. I also spent a semester abroad in London, U.K., studying basic web design practices at Pentagram.